Design Advantages

The Pilot stretch wrap machine has many design advantages over its competition, such as intelligent controls, rugged design and quality components.

Super intelligent controls
The A-B-C wrap program selector has the capability to input and store unique wrapping parameters for each program. Each program can have its own individual settings:

  • variable top and bottom wrap counts
  • multiple spiral speed settings
  • different settings for a variety of load types

Rugged turntable design
Heavy duty with forklift lifting tubes, front and rear, for easy portability

Chain and sprocket drive
Turntables driven by chain and sprocket:

  • are more forgiving over a longer period of time compared to belt/pulley drives
  • cannot be cut by sharp objects
  • are more adaptable to severe environments
  • chain and sprockets are readily available at a fair price

Quality components
Including all AC motor drives and non-proprietary UL/CSA approved components where feasible.