About The Pilot

The Pilot pallet wrapping system is the most affordable, durable & easy-to-use pallet wrapper, completely manufactured and assembled in North America.


  • Powered pre-stretch carriage with safety door for ease of threading and variable tension control
  • Portable with forklift lifting tubes at both ends
  • HMI operator interface for different wrap parameters and provides helpful diagnostic information
  • Carriage mounted safely on the opposite side of the tower away from controls and operator traffic
  • 4000# turntable capacity with 1 to 12 RPM variable rotation speed and maintenance free roller bearing support – no steel on steel contact
  • Maximum load size to safely clear the tower: 50” x 50” (71” diagonal) x 80” H plus up to 4” top overlap


  • Extended tower for 110” wrap height and ramp for pallet jack loading options are available
  • Model PILOT-NP available with a non-powered film carriage. Best for netting and pre-stretched film.